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What Can Happen Without a Pre-Purchase Survey

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When looking for a property, added extras such as surveys can seem like a nuisance that you would rather not pay for. Sometimes our surveyors come away from a property with a sound knowledge that the building is safe and there are no issues that need attention. However, many properties can be deceiving and from first glance can seem up to standard when actually underneath the glossy exterior disastrous problems can be lurking.

Down the Drain

There are many ways in which a buildings drainage system can become a huge problem for new buyers. Over time, systems can develop problems due to design faults or simply wear away with the years. Cracks and loose joints can cause leaks which can be potentially lethal and damage can quickly spread throughout the house. Roots from large trees can also cause significant blockages within a draining system and cost thousands of pounds to treat. The majority of these problems can be sought out by a surveyor saving a huge amount of money and stress.

Don’t be shocked!

Electrical wiring is one of the most common areas in which surveyors find problems. The more electrical gadgets you own, the more you want to trust that your wiring is up to scratch in your home. Fires can quickly appear if bad wiring is an issue and even with a fully powered smoke alarm and quick reactions, this can still cause a huge amount of damage and can be potentially fatal.

Up in the Clouds

When viewing a house for the first time or even for second or third viewings one thing you may have trouble seeing is the roof and any damage that could be hidden from view. Even the smallest of problems could end up losing you a large amount of money as heat can escape rapidly causing significantly higher heating bills. Larger issues can cause leaks, insect or animal infestations and even structural problems. The roof is a part of a survey that is high on the list of our priorities and with a trained eye we can offer you reassurance and advice.

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