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Going Green: How Pre-Purchase Surveys Can Help You Create An Efficient Home

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With energy prices shooting up year on year, and more and more people looking to cut costs when it comes to renovating or maintaining their homes, there’s never been a more important time to opt for pre-purchase home surveys and building assessments.

By choosing our professional and impartial services here at Marches Conservation, we’re able to advise you on any safety or structural concerns and what risks they pose including any issues that might pose problems with energy efficiency. As well as providing an assessment, we can also offer advice on the most appropriate ways the problem should be rectified – before you buy.

Ensuring Listed Buildings Are Up To Code

We’ve already talked before about the importance of pre-purchase surveys and what you need to know when buying a listed property, but this is particularly important if you want to ensure an energy efficient home that doesn’t drain away your income with higher-than-necessary utility bills.

The importance of having a pre-purchase home survey carried out for listed buildings is that the current owner of the property is legally responsible for ensuring that proper maintenance work is carried out.

For example, double glazing is (in virtually all cases) not allowed in listed buildings, despite the energy efficiency benefits it would bring. Instead, secondary glazing would need to replace this to ensure that the building meets the code for listed buildings before you made the purchase.

Additionally, our pre-purchase surveys can help spot any structural issues or causes for concern and offer advice on the most appropriate way to solve these problems while abiding by listed building regulations.

Identifying Issues Before You Buy

While they are our specialty, our home survey services are not strictly limited to the assessment of listed buildings. Whether the home you’re looking to buy is listed, recently converted or a fairly modern build, we can investigate the building to look for any areas of concern – whether they’re structural, or affecting your home-to-be’s energy efficiency.

For example, something simple like the improper installation of new windows could leave gaps or structural faults that could see your heating bills be sky high as you attempt to heat a room that has issues with proper sealing and insulation. By having an assessment carried out before buying, you’d be able to request that it be corrected or negotiate a lower price for the property to counter the cost of repair.

If you’re looking to buy a property in Hereford, Leominster, Ludlow or any other surrounding areas, and require a professional and accurate pre-purchase home survey then look no further than our services at Marches Conservation can help.

By providing a general assessment or an in-depth full structural survey, whichever is required, you’re able to make an informed decision about the property you’re considering to buy and how best to improve any issues it may have. To arrange a consultation, or your home survey, call us today on 01568 780761, or contact us instantly via our website.