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New Study Reveals That Building Surveys Could Save You Thousands

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Last month, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) revealed the results of their annual UK Housing Market survey, and it made for an interesting read.

The survey showed that those who are foregoing a property survey when buying a house are winding up with an average repair bill of around £5,750 as problems with the property as revealed later in the process. And that figure does not take into account any interior maintenance – it is solely structural work required to ensure the house is liveable.

RICS surveyed over 1000 house hunters across the UK, and while 94% agreed that getting a survey done before buying a property is important, one in three of the participants admitted to not having one. A fifth of those said that they had bought a house which they later regretted due to unforeseen faults and issues with the property.

Moving house is an expensive business, and people may be forgiven for trying to save funds in the current economic climate by skimping on a building survey. However, it is just not worth the risk; looking at the figures made public by RICS, failing to have a property survey carried out could cost you dearly in the long run. In fact, RICS say that the current financial state makes it even more vital to to invest in a building survey, to avoid entering into a large transaction without being fully aware of exactly what you are purchasing.

Here at Marches Conservation, I offer pre-purchase building surveys throughout Shropshire and the surrounding areas. As an accredited member of RICS, when you come to Marches Conservation for your building survey in Hereford, you can rest assured that I will fully assess your property and ensure that you are making a worthy investment. To find out more, call 01568 780761 or contact me online.