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Buying A Listed Property: What You Need To Know

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Buying a listed property can be a great way to buy a home that has character, is completely unique and full of charm. But, unlike buying a modern build, there are a number of things to be aware of, particularly those with legal implications, that you should look into and consider before buying what you think to be your dream home.

You should always be aware that the listing of the building covers the inside and out of the property, as well as the area around the building – this is applicable to all listing Grades, so be sure you consult a surveyor and your local council’s Conservation Officer.

Look Out For Unauthorised Work

Before you buy a listed building it’s always vital that you ensure any work done on the property is in line with changes approved by your Conservation Officer. It’s important to note that you inherit any liabilities to bring existing work up to scratch as soon as you buy the property – before you buy, it is the current owner’s responsibility, so stress that they bring any work up to code, even if it wasn’t carried out by them.

Employ A Professional Surveyor

Having an experienced listed building surveyor carry out an assessment of the property that you’re looking to buy is vital to ensuring a smooth, stress free transition. An independent survey will help consider the condition of the building to ensure it’s in line with the requirements of the Conservation Officer and safe enough for you to move in.

By choosing us here at Marches Conservation, we are able to help identify any number of areas of concern, and help ensure that the building is both structurally sound and, as well as identifying any unauthorised work that need altering. We can also advise on possible repair and maintenance costs, as well as helping choose materials to suit your budget while complying with the requirements of the local council.

If you’re looking to buy a listed property and need advice on repairs or insurance, or need a comprehensive survey, then we can help. Call us today on 01568 780761 for professional advice and quotes for all our listed building services.